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Beyond Work

Teamwork outside of the office


The best games are the ones you can play together! We host sport and gaming events for our teams to hang out, move our bodies, and enjoy some friendly competition. Maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent, or new favorite sport!


All for one, and one for all! Connect with your team outside of meetings and inboxes at a teambuilding event! Here, you’ll tackle challenges, push yourself, and learn to trust your teammates in a whole new way.

Virtual Hangout Events

Working remotely or can’t make it to one of our in-person events? We also host online activities you can join from home and still be part of the action! Hear from our leadership team, join an educational Open Mic, or one of our remote celebrations.

Social Responsibility

Have a cause you care deeply about? Chances are, you have colleagues here who care, too! Take part in one of our ongoing projects, or organize an initiative all your own! We love seeing teammates going out and doing good in the world, wherever they go!


We stay on top of tech trends by attending meetups and conferences globally. We also organize our own internal meetups and gain insights from our Influencers.

Community Gathering

Even though we can choose to work remotely, we enjoy getting together in the office when we can! From game nights and team lunches to streaming conferences in the office, we like the personal touch of in-person events. And your best pet buddy is always welcome, too!

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