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We're active in industries that touch our everyday lives. Want to share your expertise with the world?

Every day we get to work on rewarding and impactful projects from industries that make a real difference in the world. See where we are using our expertise— and where you can contribute, too.

We cannot understate the importance of the life-saving work doctors, pharmaceuticals, and researchers do every day. Our project teams work directly with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and general practices to understand their pain paints and create optimized technology solutions, so they can focus on what matters most. Healthcare is one of First Line Software’s largest areas of cooperation, where top-notch technological corporations like InterSystems are our partners.
As part of our Healthcare team you will give these professionals the tools to do critical work like inventing new drugs, developing efficient treatment plans for real patients, making the right call in a medical emergency, helping people recover better and faster, and ensuring elderly loved ones live in safer environments.
Retail Digitalization
This evolving, innovative market is creating tight competition between major players in the field. To make our client’s shops easy, attractive and efficient to use, we build Self-Shopping solutions, including Mobishop.
If a client wants to make it possible for customers to order everything online and collect their goods while going home, we are building Click&Collect solutions. To stay several steps ahead, we can build efficient loyalty management solutions, and protect our clients from fraud.
Many companies would cease operation without proper production, transportation, and delivery of their goods. On this team, we focus on improving efficiency in the area of logistics for our clients.
Our solutions help clients build optimal routes between multiple distribution and production centers, monitor the health and safety of their drivers, and automatically check the status of their vehicles. From transportation, to delivery, and production — we help experts connect distribution and production centers, and monitor the health and safety of drivers.
As with having efficient logistics, production companies can’t survive without optimized and automated manufacturing. We’ve created solutions based on Computer Vision technology, which controls the safety of workers in different production zones.
We are also building solutions for predictive equipment maintenance, which incorporates AI to analyze and forecast the condition of different devices, which helps optimize the cost of ownership.
You can imagine how much effort it takes to make high quality marketing materials for a global company, or produce a menu for an international restaurant chain. In this rapidly growing market, we’re building software so our clients can manage these long processes fully online, with just a few clicks.
Our solutions handle the tasks like printing labels for production or retail chains and cooperate between designers, printing companies, logistic companies, and the client.
Warehouse Management
Have you ever seen a fully-automated warehouse in action? Robots, cranes, conveyor belts, carousels and other equipment all operate in huge high-bay warehouses. All without a person running the line. And all with the highest efficiency and accuracy, measured in milliseconds and millimeters. We implement software which makes all this equipment work together.
Our software engineers, project managers, and warehouse logistic consultants collaborate with warehouse management teams to design, implement and launch the most efficient processes, giving our clients a competitive edge. These projects are integrated with ERP, MES and our clients’ other systems. Once implemented, they cover all aspects of warehouse logistics, from receiving goods and placement in the warehouse, to picking up, packing, and replenishment.

What our people say

Maria Glazkova

QA Engineer, Montenegro

At FLS, I was able to work on projects in various industries, such as contract lease accounting, tracking goods transportation, and the print industry. It is quite interesting to learn the specifics of various business areas, improve your professional skills and benefit the team in your part of the work.

Our project team has grown in recent years, and we managed to work together perfectly. One of the really great things is the atmosphere of respectful and trusting attitude to each other.

Federico Barraza

.Net Developer, Argentina

I joined FLS last year, and I'm genuinely thrilled to be part of this team. I'm currently working with CMS and Commerce technologies, such as Optimizely.

I enjoy the interaction with professionals from all around the globe and the opportunity to learn from them about the fascinating world of technology.
Additionally, I appreciate the challenges that come with each new feature or product that arises. It keeps me engaged and motivated to push my boundaries.

Andrew Zlobin

Full-Stack Developer, Montenegro

I am a full-stack developer on a project that is a tool for interaction between users and producers of labels & flexible packaging segments of the printing industry. Our team uses many interesting development tools. I can list programming languages such as PHP and TypeScript.

I’m involved in all project parts — updating the API, building a new interface from scratch, refactoring the controller, etc. This is the fun part — you do different things day in and day out; the variability is endless!

Maks Ovchinnikov

.Net Developer, Canada

Working at FLS on a project in the printing area has been a fulfilling experience for me since September 2022! I appreciate the level of autonomy and trust given to the employees, allowing me to explore different solutions and approaches to problems.

This creates a sense of ownership and responsibility, which motivates me to perform at my best. Additionally, the company provides opportunities for growth and learning and working with a wide range of technologies.

Alexander Rudinskiy

Business Analyst, Czechia

What I appreciate in my work is that every proiect is a great challenge. Being a part of creating something new, cutting-edge, technologically advanced drives me a lot.

Working on a project is a symbiosis of technology, creativity, hard work, discovery of non-standard business solutions. All this is a great opportunity to develop, grow and achieve results, which ultimately adds to progress in the world.

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