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Social Responsibility

Software is our product. Humanity is our purpose.

How we can impact the world, and each other

We can spot a fellow FLS FAM member by our shared belief in making the world a better place to live. Here are a few causes we have been supporting over the years. Let’s see what change we can create together!


The Minds of the Future

As IT experts, we have skills and insights to pass along to up-and-coming tech enthusiasts. Tech events, like our Hackathons, connect young programmers with our team to mentor them through complex issues in real time. In this collaborative space, they can explore technical concepts and nurture their curiosity in a friendly environment.


Active Bodies, Active Minds

We support our FLS FAM in their entirety — not only at work, but in health, too. We’ve initiated charity runs at our local offices to raise money for organizations who share our vision for a better world. This way, we can stay fit together while giving back.

Green Initiative

The Grass is Greener on Our Team

We support green initiatives that raise awareness of ecological issues, and physically nurture our local environments. One way we’ve done this is spending our weekends planting trees to counter the effects of global deforestation and environmental degradation.


Respect For All Life

First Line Software has been an official partner of Rotterdam’s Blijdorp Zoo since 2021. Since then we helped save two of the world’s critically endangered Amur leopards. We’ve, and adopted two meerkats at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo. We also support ARTIS and its initiatives for animal care, environmental education, international breeding and reintroduction programs, and nature conservation.

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